Is it possible to have a moral army?

There is assurance that an army has moral standards only if it is kept in its barracks. On the field, there is no assurance. The most notorious armies were in Africa during the civil wars in countries like Sierra Leon and Liberia where civilians were killed indifferently or left to die of their wounds.

Soldiers, in general, when faced with danger, will do anything for their survival by breaking army ethics.

In Afghanistan, many civilians were knowingly killed because of missile attacks against Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters.

Wars, after all, aren’t a sport match where faults are pointed out and the perpetrator is penalised on the spot. To avoid atrocities by the army, there should be no wars in the first place. This is impossible, as we all know, the world isn’t totally free of war zones. Hence the army morality will be questionable in one place or another.

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