What’s the best way to approach illegal immigration?

A hardline isn’t the only approach that is effective in the fight against illegal immigration. It will have limited success as there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in Italy and millions across Europe. If all these immigrants are forced to leave, Europe will witness one of its catastrophic incidents as illegal immigrants will turn violent. European governments will have the choice of imprisoning them all, reporting them by force. This can worsen its relations with the countries they come from, especially those with which it has close economic ties.

A possible solution will be to encourage the countries where the illegal immigrants are from or they cross to be strict towards them in exchange of economic aid.
Immigrants with a substantial capital should be encouraged to invest in their own countries to create jobs for their fellow countrymen who will no longer need to pay substantial amount to criminal immigration networks that help them reach European borders, only to be faced with unemployment and deportation from the country they used to see as a dreamland.

Without cooperation with European countries and the countries whose borders make it easy for illegal immigrants to cross to Europe, illegal immigration will continue. With the admission of the EU, especially Spain, Morocco (which is separated from Spain just by 15 Km the Mediterranean), has helped reduce illegal immigration.
There are hundreds of thousand of Moroccan illegal immigrants in Europe, mainly in Spain and Italy. However, even Moroccan legal immigrants are considering returning home because of the economic recession in Europe. Others prefer to stay hoping for a better tomorrow.

In short, immigrants should have favourable economic and political conditions at home to escape the degrading effect of being unwelcome on a foreign soil.

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