Is the war in Afghanistan making the world safer?

The war on terror should be global. Al Qaeda or the Taliban has proven its resilience as it can change the land where it can operate systematically. It has/had Iraq as its strong hold. Now it has other vast areas mainly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.
So the war on terror, it has to be winnable, should include all areas where terror is operating through military action, indoctrination and the reception of aid.

Even military experts acknowledge that the war in Afghanistan will take very long years. Al Qaeda and Taliban still have many sympathisers who can replace those killed or captured.

Maybe, the Taliban can be totally defeated or softened if Afghanistan becomes a prosperous country with very little corruption and also economic aid to the country is as quick as the deployment of military forces. You can’t win a war like this in areas where people have only a constant sense of revenge. They have only their lives to lose as they have no material security to live on.

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