Does the character of a politician matter as long as he gets the job done?

The character of a politician is important in accordance with the established views of the society in which they hold responsibility.
However, any politician should have a degree of respectability and not a appear as a fun figure, worthy of gossip like a character in a comdey. Although politicians presumably have a private life, it becomes of importance to the public as his/her private life becomes a public property.

Apparently, the public can be forgiving towards a male politician with numerous liaisons and affairs. But there is still to debate if a female politician with a lewd behaviour can have a sympathetic public. Or how will the public react if two key politicians from different countries are known to be engaging in an intimate relationship?

In general, political figures should minimise the risk of being exposed as lusty characters and not to establish the norm that to be a successful politician one should be more sensually than politically adept.

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