Does a criminal have to ask for the death penalty?

The attacks in Mumbai in November last year killed almost 170 people, and shattered the lives of countless other loved ones. Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, a surviving attacker has said he’s ready to be hanged and wants no mercy from the court.

So if Qasab is claiming some responsibility and is volunteering to die for his crimes — should the state kill him? If a killer asks to die then should authorities oblige?

There are some who believe that one should live and let live. Others think that they should kill and be killed.

A killer shouldn’t commit a crime and then sets the rules by which they should be punished. It’s up to the judiciary system to decide what form of punishment should be inflicted on them.

In the case of Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab , the presumed terrorist, he wants to be killed as a reward for his crime as his death will, for him, prolong his life among his sympathisers and those who sent him to carry out the deadly attacks. He essentially should get the punishment that fit his crime, not according to his wish but according to the decision of the judiciary system that should respect the victims and their loved-ones who are currently putting up with their losses.

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