Has anything changed in Iran following massive protests against the reelection of Ahmadinajad?

Neda’s death has become a symbol for those fighting for change in Iran. The ongoing discontent with the reelection of Ahmadinajad is somewhat a discontent with the Iranian regime dominated by the clergy, top of whom is Ayatollah Khamenei , the spiritual leader.

The ongoing protests in Iran, in one way or another, is an indication of the split in the Iranian leadership, if not, a split in national unity. This can lead to deep political divisions which can erupt into a regime change.

Currently, Iran has become a weakened state with a regime under pressure at home from the strong opposition and abroad because of its pursuit of nuclear programme. Maybe, this can be a golden opportunity for the USA to force the hardline conservatives out of power and support a moderate Iranian leadership that can be a reliable, economically and militarily.

From what’s going on in Iran, from protests to statements by influential opposition figures, it seems the regime in Iran isn’t as solid as it appeared to be before the presidential elections. The biggest change is that the Iranians, from politicians to ordinary people, have become more vocal and confrontational. This is the biggest test for the current regime. It remains if it will survive protests at home and international sanctions.

The Iranian regime is using its nuclear programme as a weapon to get national unity and to weaken its opponents. It remains to see if the Iranians will accept having a strong nuclear weapon in exchange of a shaky economy. In other words, what will they prefer a strong army or weak enterprises plunging their living standard into further deep pits.

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