Should men care about how they look?

Men tend to care less about their appearances. They don’t mind going unshaven for a while contrary to women who in most cases can’t be outside without cosmetics. As Lubna said, a man feels his worth through his achievement and personality. A fat man can still be adorable and affectionately looked upon as funny. But unfortunately, a fat woman is looked on as ugly or unattractive. It is somewhat sad that many women consider their bodies as their main “capital”. If they don’t look glamorous they think they have little chance to be appreciated and to advance in their careers.

It will be frightening if men start to emulate women by undergoing aesthetic surgeries or using cosmetics to look “bright”. It’s better for a man to look slightly “ugly” than look effeminate.

In some countries, like the Middle East, men and women wear large robes. In them they hide their fat waists and tummies. Perhaps that’s the best answer to forgetting about one’s body if it can’t get slim and to move on to doing something more important..

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  1. Classical said,

    February 16, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    I love makeup 100 times than women

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