Should plotiticians control their reactions?

Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, breached Washington etiquette by calling Mr Obama a liar as he addressed the joint houses of Congress last night.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If applied to politicians, it means politicians become dull in the eyes of the public if they continue looking ceremonious all the time. There is no harm if they appear in their true colours and say in public what they say in private. At least if politicians aren’t effective, they can be a source of entertainment through what they say. There will be less needs of shows like Tonight Show where artists strive to imagine what a politician might have actually said to the amusement of the public.

Many politicians from heads of states to low key politicians are known for using rude language towards one another. The famous case was the exchange between Hugo Shavez, Venezuela president and Spanish king, Juan Carlos who asked the first to shut up when he accused former Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar of being fascist.

In Morocco, there are cases in which politicians exchange rude language, especially in parliament. Some threaten to sue their opponents in court for defamation.
On the whole, in many countries, politicians turn rude when there are elections. They use whatever means to defeat their opponents.

Politicians should be direct and frank but whatever they say should be based on truth and not just mere accusations. Actually, a boisterous parliamentary session is more attractive to watch than a session filled with civility, making the viewers want to have a sleep.

What can be really rude about a politician is attacking the background of another politician concerning his/her colour, race religion or family roots or using vulgar language that is beneath what a politician should use.

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